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Romeo Castellucci, Oedipus Tyrann from Kultur Struktur on Vimeo.


Kulturstruktur was founded in 2014. The blog features mainly video talks, but also articles and audio interviews.
Kulturstruktur discusses and focuses on people from different domains of artistic creation: cinema, theater, dance, music, literature, and all those that one can meet by chance.
Starting off from their work, projects and ideas we will explore the context of their everyday life. our context. Everyone’s.
All our ways of living a fragile existence. it’s about revealing different human structures, to learn and make connections – a sort of utopia.
The Italian stage director Romeo Castellucci calls it the human community, strong, lucid, built around theater, visual arts and philosophy.
Kulturstruktur is looking for this community among the objects of films, theatre plays, director’s or actor’s work – but also among people’s everyday sensibilities.
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Joshua Oppenheimer from Kultur Struktur on Vimeo.

Kathryn Hunter from Kultur Struktur on Vimeo.