Karolina Markiewicz
& Pascal Piron

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Interactive VR experience

Fever is an interactive experience in virtual reality. For both adults and children, a high fever can mean hallucinations — auditory and visual, lucid and in dreams. As a VR experience, Fever refers to this brief hallucinatory state, acknowledging and interpreting the metaphysical process that occurs when one is within and yet removed from one’s own body, and the limits presented herein vis-à-vis body/environment and self/other. In a location based version, Fever is presented with an exhibition of photographies.

Written and directed by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron / Technical Director: Fabrizio Palmas / VFX Creative Technologist: Antoine Thiry / UX Creative Technologist: Stefan Laimar / Narrator: Elisabet Johannesdottir / Music: Kevin Muhlen / Singer: Ásta Fanney Sigurdardottir
Supported by Film Fund Luxembourg / Str8labs / Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain

Fever has been selected at VR Arles Festival (official competition) and Virtual Worlds Munich (official competition).