Karolina Markiewicz
& Pascal Piron

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Mos Stellarium

Documentary, 52 minutes.
Written and directed by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron.

Six young refugees talk about their escapes and trips, as well as the new problems they encounter in Luxembourg.
Mos Stellarium is a poetic documentary about Dzemil, Milena, Anna, Yunus, Rijad and Eko. In all intimacy, they tell their stories as young refugees. Attached to the traveled landscapes and all the encounters, the memories look back at these strange journey and turn to the future. It is, in a way, the human existence in a universal sense.
Like mysterious maps of constellations, their voyages began in Afghanistan, Syria, Kosovo or Montenegro. They headed for Europe, Luxembourg in particular, and their destinies turn them into young adults by accident, but full of dignity nonetheless.
Mos Stellarium is produced by Tarantula and supported by Film Fund Luxembourg.

Director of photography: Jako Raybaut
Sound mix: Loïc Collignon
Editing: Felix Sorger
Music: Nima Azarmgin